Live On (N'fa Jones & Sensible J Smith)

by N'fa Jones

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Live On.
From the forthcoming N'fa Jones LP.

This is a piece i wrote to a Sensible J Smith production, mixed & mastered by Dave Dogg Atkins.. Chillin in Smiddys lounge room.. The music took me to a place that I hadn't visited in a long time, and needed to go to. Its a place i had been afraid to visit as i had never found resolution there, until now. A reflective self realisation piece that i really do love, which resulted as a sensitive and true song that I hope you will appreciate..
Peace. N.


Live On : Lyrics

London born WA raised
Family torn felt the scorn but never aimed blame
Flame of the fire in my chest fly higher than jets
when I intercept spirit intellect quiet as kept
I Never Kept the feelin within
With pad and a pen the mantra began forged from the love and the sin
Mind Spinning like the planet we live in
Giving is seen as a give in when taking aim for a living
Got an opinion is my own
Replace the face of race worldly dominion is my throne
I own iPhone intelligence
Roam with the diligence of a martyr I barter my heart
for starters seeking reverence from non other
Than mother and father earth
Putting in harder work
Yeah I'm start a church
Healing lost souls who lost homes as children
the centre is the mental ediphus that I'm building. You feel me.

I know how it feel to be feeling like u need something real and what ya feel is the real end up really being nothing
Losing friends to find self cos u we all need time to find self and realise friends are bluffin
Saying they care but they couldn't care if u fucking hung yaself with a belt to kill the inner hell ya suffering
I've thought about it don't doubt it, my head was clouded blinded like I was shrouded compounded by the empty loving
Pockets with nothing hearing voices like schmiegel speaking evil into my cerebral telling me that I'm fuckery!
No Steven seagal to save me wouldn't let him if u paid me
I'd rather go back in time and die on a slave ship
The saviour living is within
plus the unexpected men and women become the friends that you hold sacred
It happens again and again
Those with u to begin are rarely there in the end
Face it

I use to scream fuck you I won't do what you tell me
Raging against the machine they tried selling me
I never conceded to being defeated
But repeated being needed til i was depleted of energy
Killing the synergy, giving and giving
But leaving nothing to myself or to the family I love endlessly
Was a general tendency - aware of it now
Got me a simba and a kimbra trying to settle down

you gotta give if you wanna get
If u wanna get u got to give
If u wanna live, lose your regret
Time to live on live on
Hey hey let's get started
If ya Open hearted
make it clear yeah

1 2 3
It's really just me vs me
Tryin to last in the big city
But I find myself asking, why lord.


released April 4, 2013
Written by N'fa Jones
Music by Sensible J Smith
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Dogg Atkins



all rights reserved


N'fa Jones Melbourne, Australia

"London Born WA raised. Family torn, felt the scorn but never aimed blame.."

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