Life's A Game

by N'fa Jones

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A song about real life, and real growth.. A personal journey to relate to.. Beats are bumpin thanks to Ta-Ku, Sensible J & Dutch, and chorus is resonant thanks to Brave.


Life is justa game and theres many ways to play. All we do is choose.

See we could play this life sort of like it was a game 
aint talking side lines watching Michael Jordan do his thing 
it's the power of the now, worlds away from Hollywood and watching Austin powers on the couch, its the power of the mouth... and overpowering the mind.... To only think about those things that will define you.... 
 underline you,  never undermind you....
when you understand that ya  mind is what defines you.
See I was trying to be someone I wasn't.... 
locked with the demons in my closet... 
robbed of my freedom, i can't believe it, something thats as easy as believing in myself was the Jeanie in the bottle.
a novel that's never ending, sort like hobbit with a vengeance 
based pon the kindred spirits
you descend from a legend
right their in your face tryna gain your attention life is just a game 

but I didn't always know to look at life just like a game  
 I nearly stayed Paris & I could of holiday'd in Spain 
...... caught a train through terrain over to Rome 
that beautiful part of the world coulda been home 
I could I could have remained there,
making coffee barley made ends meet, but yeah still made sense 
and then the day my baby came along 
everything changed..... like he wiped away the agent orange  
and he taught me...... life was game 

See now I'm back in Melbourne, worlds away from the days the when 
1200's reined suprmre, but change is welcome.
nelson mandella really said it best
........."never judge a man by successes, 
judge a man by the handful of times he was knocked out and fell down 
and got back up again" and went 12 rounds, 
I went from rocking crowds in the thousands 
to being spellbound and locked out of houses
 the same house that played me in their lounge rooms 
and It's clear I don't need to be counselled-
don't need your couches to give you all a mouthful 
arguing till the cows come home wouldn't amount to 
.... the truth and way I felt around you 
.....cause when I spoke it's like the room was soundproof   
I aint tryna change you 
I have to change the way I see me and im about to
Life's a Game


released August 25, 2015
N'fa Jones,
Brave (chorus vocals)
Ta-Ku, Sensible J & Dutch (Music production)



all rights reserved


N'fa Jones Melbourne, Australia

"London Born WA raised. Family torn, felt the scorn but never aimed blame.."

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